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Adolescent IOP

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Substance abuse during adolescence requires intervention. Experimentation with drugs and alcohol during the teen years may seem like a common part of growing up, but it often lowers inhibitions and can result in very serious consequences. Adolescents may have a hard time forming cause and effect connections between the choices they make today and the long-term effects of those choices downstream.  

Root Center’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) taps into our 50+ years of substance use recovery expertise. If you have a teen family member or friend in need of substance abuse treatment services in Connecticut, we can help.

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Is IOP right for you?

  • Ages 13 – 17
  • Daily groups focused on substance use education and relapse prevention
  • Support from peers and family members
  • Healthy environment
  • Licensed, experienced and compassionate counselors

Please email our team at so that we may assist in the coordination of the most appropriate level of care.

Program Approach and Goals

Root Center embraces a patient-centered approach that incorporates a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a licensed professional, co-construction of an individualized recovery plan, group work, individual therapy and family centered-interventions. The IOP approach offers a structured, short-term treatment program designed for adolescents who have begun to struggle in their day-to-day lives due to Substance Abuse. A good IOP candidate is still able to function at home and in the community, but requires an intervention that is more comprehensive than weekly therapy. 

IOP treatment goals include:

  • Adolescents learn and incorporate healthy life-management skills, utilizing  psychoeducational group modules specifically designed to address and encourage healthy social emotional adolescent behavior
  • Utilization of multiple evidenced-based approaches including Motivational Enhanced Techniques focused on addressing adolescent ambivalence towards treatment through a non-confrontational approach and Stages of Change
  • Improving functioning in all adolescent domains including at school, home and in the community
  • Encouraging the adolescent to apply learned skills in “real world” environments
  • Providing the adolescent a “safe space” to share, listen and learn

Family Participation

Family members will be involved in their child’s treatment in a number of important ways. Before an adolescent is admitted to our program, family members will participate in an initial pre-assessment screening. During this assessment our staff will ask family members a number of important questions about their child’s behavior and level of functioning. The information we gather during this assessment will be one of many ways by which our clinical team will collect information to be used in developing a treatment plan for the adolescent child. Once the adolescent is in treatment with us, family members are invited to participate in regularly scheduled family therapy.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment referral forms can be completed by following this link. Once the referral form is completed, a counselor will contact you to set-up an assessment and review treatment options.


Insurances Accepted: Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Medicaid and Optum.