Board of Directors

Root Center for Advanced Recovery’s Board of Directors comprises individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds, united in their commitment to increase our ability to be effective and accessible to the communities that need us the most.

We are committed to investing in:

  • Expanding our outreach and deepening our impact
  • Creating the conditions for our team to grow themselves and their vital relationships with others
  • Collaborating with each other and our communities to help shift perspectives surrounding our field of behavioral health
  • Creating a brand presence and living story that inspires pride in our work and invites possibilities for the future
  • Finding the best ways to communicate and share our best practices and to implement new standards of care
  • Creating an environment with the infrastructure, processes, and technology that supports our practice
  • Building foundational tools for recovery by encouraging open-minded thinking and a unique approach to behavioral health and growth

Meet the Root Center’s Board


  • Bruce Simons, Chairperson
  • Darcie Boiano, Secretary
  • Steven Zuckerman, President/CEO


  • Robert Casati
  • Stephen Fisher
  • Dave Louden
  • John Mohring
  • William E. Schumann
  • Eric Zachs
  • Dr. Martin Anderson
  • Dr. Mariela Podolski
  • Dr. Carla Rash 
  • Dr. David Hopkins