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Individual, Group and Family Counseling

Patients receive individualized counseling services on a monthly basis and as needed/requested.

The primary recovery/treatment modality is Motivational Enhancement Treatment (MET) and this approach is designed to improve treatment engagement and outcomes in persons seeking treatment for substance abuse.

In an effort to ensure that the recovery process is focused on the patient’s needs and desires, counselors will emphasize strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences (SNAP) in addition to their presenting problems.

Clinical services are designed and implemented to support the recovery, health, or wellbeing, of the persons or families served. In addition, these services seek to enhance the quality of life, assist in the completion of goals and objectives, reduce symptoms or needs, build resilience, restore an improved functioning, and support the integration of the persons served into the community.

Group Counseling

There are many benefits to participating in group therapy during substance abuse treatment and various support groups are offered, in accordance with the needs and desires of patients that include, but are not limited to: gender specific, co-occurring, relapse prevention, anger management, grief/loss and trauma counseling.

Family Counseling

The individual recovery/treatment planning process shall involve the family/legal guardian of the person served, when applicable. Families are encouraged to participate in educational programs offered by each clinic as well as an individual session as requested with valid releases of information.