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Pregnancy Program

Pregnant women have been treated with methadone for more than 25 years and neither methadone or other opiates have been shown to directly cause birth defects.

There is no “magic” number of milligrams to stay below, but thebenefits of methadone treatment are only achieved once a woman becomes stable on her dose. If a woman feels any withdrawals or cravings to use, they are encouraged to meet with their counselor and adjust their dose. Withdrawals can lead to complications and even miscarriage and should be always be addressed.

Program Overview

Any pregnant applicant is given priority admission and the initial methadone dose shall be the same as other patients served. Methadone dosing throughout pregnancy is the same as other patients served with close monitoring in the third trimester. The physician may meet with each pregnant patient once per trimester and postpartum. If a pregnant patient requests to withdraw from treatment (not recommended before 14 weeks or after 32 weeks), the clinic physician in coordination with the patient, OGBYN, will supervise the taper.

Counseling services include:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Infectious Disease Services
  • General Women’s Health Education
  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Reproductive Health Issues

– Pregnancy and post-natal services

– Referrals for housing and financial assistance services that apply to pregnant women & mothers

  • Weekly individual counseling