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Recovery Planning

We work with patients to develop individualized written recovery plans based on documented active input. When applicable, the plan will be written with the involvement of family or the legal guardian of the person served. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) stages of change and interventions are reflected throughout the plan. The plan shall include assessment information gathered from the time of the patient’s intake/interpretive summary, admission physical, annual physicals, and will also include the results of drug toxicology screens.

The Recovery/Treatment Plan shall reflect the program’s person-centered philosophy of treatment and the individual patient’s strengths, needs/desires, abilities and preferences (SNAP). Patient participation in its development must be documented. The plan is developed based on assessment information and the interpretive summary. The plan shall be communicated to the persons served in a manner that is understandable.

Working with your Counselor, you will mutually develop an individualized recovery plan based on current problems you identified during the evaluation process.