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The Root Center professionals have published numerous articles that support our research driven approach to care.
We’re committed to offering the treatments our communities need. By building a continuum of care at each of our locations, we connect families with effective behavioral health resources.
For Patients
The Root Center focuses on Behavioral Health treatment, with a variety of addiction and mental health support.
For Families
Engaged and supportive families can help amplify the success of a person’s recovery.

Our Team is Leading the Way for Recovery Care

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For over 30 years, the Root Center has participated in many national research projects and protocols in association with leading universities, including: UCLA – “Starting Treatment with Antagonist Therapies (START), Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Connecticut, Yale University, and the Institute for Community Research – Hartford, CT.


The Root Center also has very successful and productive partnerships with the Connecticut Department of Public Health and University of Connecticut Health Center. The results of our research efforts clearly demonstrate that community-based facilities are good locations for both behavioral and pharmacologic studies.Resources for Patients