October 1, 2018

I’m the first to admit that I came to methadone treatment with a million and one problems. And while everyone will always have problems in life, I now feel better equipped to handle them, or others that may come my way.


Heroin is not just a highly addictive drug. It becomes a lifestyle. For me, to be free from that brings hope and lots of possibilities. As someone who abused heroin, I can tell you that we struggle every waking moment figuring out how to get the money—money that is not usually ours – to get high. You then end up getting sick, and then you start the routine all over again. It’s like a never-ending quest to fulfill ‘happiness’ that will never be there. It may sound corny, but I really do look to the future with a more positive outlook.

I feel less selfish, and the best part is when others I care about notice that – like my girlfriend, my family, and my counselor Lisa. There’s nothing as gratifying as knowing that you can get up in the morning, and not be tied down to something.