We’ve Expanded Our Medication Assisted Treatments to Help Patients Achieve Sustained Recovery

For many years, the Root Center has been working on the front lines of the opioid epidemic, working with individuals struggling with addictions.

To better serve the evolving needs of our patients, we are adding additional forms of medication assisted treatments to our clinics.

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We help you take ownership of your life

We’ve been providing health treatment for our communities for over one hundred years. And while their needs have changed, we’ve continued to develop the core of our care: relationships driven by compassion and critical intervention. Relationships that empower the courage and ability to change.

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I have been on the program for 12 years now and my life truly began when I committed to my recovery and began working the program.  I became involved with patient activities and in 2014, I was offered employment as…

Sheldon Recovery Stories

I battled with stopping use and relapsing on my own multiple times and finally sought help at Hartford Dispensary…While in treatment, I tapered off of methadone successfully and transitioned to a sober house and eventually came home to Hartford. I…

Ben Recovery Stories

Being in the Hartford Dispensary Program afforded me the opportunity to build myself back up. I was able to go back to school and find meaningful employment…I was able to gain employment at the Hartford Dispensary as a recovery coach/case…

Alvin Recovery Stories

Mental Health & Addiction

Mental health and substance use disorders are often misunderstood. We stigmatize what we fear, and what we fear most is the unknown. We are renewing our commitment to telling the truth—that mental health is something affecting everyone.

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We are caring, intelligent people committed to supporting others. By joining our team, you can make a difference in many lives.

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About Us

We create relationships that empower the courage and ability to change, through care that supports personal recovery.

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February 20, 2019

Norwich Clinic Update
Our top priority has always been the health, safety and recovery of our clients. During recent renovations to our Norwich facility, contractors...

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