Equality and Empowerment For All

Root Center for Advanced Recovery remains committed to upholding the dignity, equality, and empowerment of all people. We stand in solidarity with the Asian American community amid a nationwide rise in violence, discrimination, and xenophobia directed against Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). We call on the greater community to join us in standing against violence, discrimination, and intimidation; we must work together to create a safe, inclusive, and just world for all.

As a follow up to our in-depth LGBTQIA training in May, we are posting “You are welcome here” signs at all Root Center locations. We are proud to support our LGBTQIA community and promote a safe, welcoming, accepting, and inclusive world for everyone.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We stand in solidarity with the black community, and we are engaging in mindful action to support an inclusive and just world for all.

Root Center is moving to facilitate open dialogue through special gatherings of our longstanding Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Committee (DEI). The committee will take time to reflect on and to explore the question, “How do we do better?” The goal is open, honest, and transparent conversation, with an outcome of tangible and actionable recommendations to improve our work and world. We welcome courage, candor, and receptivity as we have the difficult conversations that are necessary to create real change.

We are proud to partner with the Urban League of Greater Hartford and offer support and appreciation for their important work. The Urban League provides programs and services that strengthen adult education, youth development, workforce training, economic empowerment, and health and wellness in our community. Root Center serves approximately 1,500 clients each day in Hartford, and we are honored to contribute to the Urban League with a donation of $20,000 from our endowment. Growth can only happen by coming together, sharing our strength, and listening to our neighbors. We are proud to support the Urban League of Greater Hartford, as they work to support the community we love.

Root Center has a long history of providing hope, compassion, and comprehensive care to all in need. As we reflect on the core values that lie beneath our work, we are reminded that each of us must reach within and be the change we wish to see in the world.

Wishing you all wisdom, strength and wellbeing.

Steven Zuckerman, CEO and President
Root Center for Advanced Recovery

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