Joining a methadone treatment program was the most fortunate step I’ve ever taken in my life.


When I was abusing drugs, all of my ambitions and goals were irrelevant. My only thoughts were, ‘how am I going to get my supply.’ It got so bad I had to give up custody of my children to my mother. My family gave up
hope on me. They even secluded me from family functions. Worst of all, it didn’t really bother me, because my body was so numb from the drugs.

So here I am over 20 years later and what do I have to show for it? Well, for starters, I have the trust and confidence of my family. I have a job, and have worked now for over 25 years in diff erent fi elds – from retail to hospital administration. And most importantly, was able to build a safe and secure place for my children and me – one they could call home.”

When people hear methadone, they often don’t know what to think. They see it as just replacing one drug for another. I see it diff erently.

And I should know. Methadone-assisted treatment for me was, and still is, the biggest life-changing event in my life. And I pray that others can see the value it has, not just for people like me, but their families too.


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