You can count on us for compassionate, comprehensive care for sustained recovery



The Root Center provides a continuum of behavioral healthcare services to help individuals struggling with substance use disorders. Counselors work with each patient to develop an individualized recovery plan which is based on the unique strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of each person served.

Recovery Services Include

Research-Driven Approach to Care

The Root Center has proven that research can greatly enhance treatment program success by relying on timely and useful clinical data, as well as practical management information. This information is often used to revise, modify, and enhance our clinical practices and approach to care.


For over 30 years, the Root Center has participated in many national research projects and protocols in association with leading universities, including: UCLA – “Starting Treatment with Antagonist Therapies (START), Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Connecticut, Yale University, and the Institute for Community Research – Hartford, CT.


The Root Center also has very successful and productive partnerships with the Connecticut Department of Public Health and University of Connecticut Health Center. The results of our research efforts clearly demonstrate that community-based facilities are good locations for both behavioral and pharmacologic studies.

Our Purpose & Values

Using proven, evidence-based methods of recovery, we meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be. Recovery isn’t entirely predictable or easy, but in our work together, every stage of progress affirms your ability to choose and manage the conditions of your life. You can come to know your own source of strength, and to share it with the people you care about most.

Our Purpose

Creating relationships that empower the courage and ability to change

Our Values

Honor the power in everyone

Renew Ourselves to share our strength

Embrace new perspectives

Progress is the destination

Our Team

The Root Center has more than 250 dedicated team members committed to changing lives and empowering the courage and ability to change.


Our Counselors have come to the Root Center for Advanced Recovery from many different paths, but share a common passion for helping others, and a belief in the strength of our team.


Our Leadership is committed to changing lives and the conditions that surround the challenges of behavioral and mental heath.


Our Name & History

Serving Connecticut’s communities since 1871

The Root Center for Advanced Recovery is a private, non-profit, behavioral healthcare organization providing mental health and substance abuse treatment, prevention, community health services and research. The agency was originally established in 1871 as an outpatient medical facility chartered specifically to provide medical services to the poor and indigent residing in the greater Hartford area.

In 1884, Dr. Joseph E. Root and Dr. M. Johnson offered the back room of his office as an outpatient facility for the organization, hanging a sign on their Pearl Street office reading “Hartford Dispensary.” After a long and distinguished history of providing traditional medical, surgical, dental and social services, the agency changed its focus in 1971 to the delivery of outpatient behavioral health care services.

Our Timeline

Since that time, the agency has developed medication-assisted treatment services, substance abuse prevention programs, and infectious disease services. For many years, the agency has actively participated in pharmacological and behavioral research protocols. Presently, the agency treats over 5,500 patients per day within its network of nine (9) statewide clinics. Over 6,800 individual persons receive services annually.

Board of Directors

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, united in their commitment to increase the Root Center’s ability to be effective and accessible to the communities that can benefit most from our services.

Meet Our Board


Expanding our outreach and deepening our impact

Creating the conditions for our team to grow themselves and their vital relationships with others

Collaborating with each other and our communities to help shift perspectives surrounding our field of behavioral health

Creating a brand presence and living story that inspires pride in our work and invites possibilities for future

Finding the best ways to communicate and share our best practices, and to implement new standards of care

Creating an environment with the infrastructure, processes, and technology that supports our practice

Building foundational tools for recovery: by honing openminded thinking and our unique approach to behavioral health and growth