Our approach to care.

Successful Methods Informed by Research

Making a profound change to one’s behavioral health requires addressing the root of the issue and offering treatment through a multifaceted, trauma-informed lens. Root Center for Advanced Recovery goes beyond what’s on the surface, relying on proven and scientifically vetted research to address issues underlying substance use and mental health disorders and improve treatment outcomes. We hold an unyielding dedication to clinical innovation and best-practice standards, and our diverse team of experts systematically review empirical data and literature to enhance treatment offerings and ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

At Root Center, we recognize that the road to wellness is rarely the same for any two people. Each person’s path is wholly unique, but the one thing that is consistent for all who find success is the presence of a partner to guide them.

Ready to see life differently and embrace new perspectives? We believe that progress is the destination, and the Root Center pledges to share our strength to keep you moving forward.

Our Projects and Partners:

For more than three decades, the Root Center has participated in a variety of national research projects and protocols in association with some of the country’s top universities, including UCLA – “Starting Treatment with Antagonist Therapies (START), Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Connecticut (UCONN), Yale University, and the Institute for Community Research – Hartford, Connecticut.
Over the years, we’ve actively pursued productive partnerships with leading organizations like the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the UCONN Health Center. We’re proud of the fact that through these efforts we’ve demonstrated the value and benefit of housing both behavior and pharmacologic studies in community-based facilities like ours.