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Getting Started

Root Center helps individuals struggling with substance use and/or mental health disorders. For all inquiries call our main line at 1-800-862-2181.

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Refer a Patient

The Root Center works extensively with referring professionals across a variety of disciplines. We also aim to uphold a steady stream of communication, pledging to work with other providers to promote continuity of care for our patients. If you’re interested in receiving regular updates on your patient’s progress during their time at the Root Center, we would be happy to provide that, and we encourage you to remain in close contact with both our center and the patient.

Referring professionals with a patient who they feel would benefit from our services are encouraged to call us at 1 (800) 862-2181 for a discussion about the patient and how we can work together to achieve an optimal outcome.

What to Expect

For most patients, their initial experience at the Root Center will consist of a comprehensive clinical assessment that will take place with a master’s-level clinician and last between 60 and 90 minutes. This meeting will help our staff to learn more about your history, concerns, goals, and other important bits of information that will be pivotal in the development of a treatment plan.

Your clinician will suggest a regimen that’s tailored to you, including the use of different types of counseling and potentially closely monitored medication. Through the use of evidence-based treatment plans, our clinicians will guide you in building self-acceptance and self-awareness, reducing emotional distress, and improving balance and functioning in all areas of wellness, among other enhancements to your daily life.