Overview of Root Center

Root Center for Advanced Recovery (formerly known as The Hartford Dispensary) has been in existence since 1871. We are a private non-profit, behavioral healthcare organization providing mental health and substance use treatment.

  • Root Center treats over 5,500 clients daily for opioid dependence
  • We have 11 suburban and urban clinic locations throughout Connecticut
  • Root Center provides Adolescent, Adult, Family and Group Counseling
  • Services Include MAT, MMTP, IOP, and MH

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Building Roots

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Root Center Research Initiative

Through partnerships with clinical and institutional research scientists and other subject matter experts at universities and national research organizations in the United States and worldwide, Root Center for Advanced Recovery can ask questions that lead to increasingly effective methods of addressing addiction, from prevention to treatment to lifelong recovery.

As the field of mental health and addiction treatment continues to change and evolve it’s important that clinical professionals remain up-to-date on research findings and data trends regarding patient outcomes and evidence-based practices. Root Center believes in the power of a research-driven approach to care and in so relies on clinical data including our very own research endeavors to continuously enhance our clinical practices.

Root Center is committed to engaging in research studies that drive the field of addiction treatment forward. It is our hope that these studies will identify possible trends and patterns that may contribute to future best practices for clinical professionals within Root Center and beyond.

The mission of the Root Center for Research Initiative (RCRI) is to contribute to improvements in mental health and addiction treatment through behavioral and pharmacological research partnerships with universities, research centers, and national research organizations.

The Root Center Research Initiative is dedicated to improving prevention, treatment, and recovery by:

  • Collaborating with universities, research centers, and national health organizations
  • Communicating scientific findings both internally and publicly
  • Conducting independent data review, analysis, and reporting

The Root Center Research Initiative is unique because it is working to generate the internal resources and infrastructure required to not only keep up to date with current scientific literature but also to:

  • Participate in scientific research
  • Engage clients in cutting edge treatment strategies
  • Manage institutional data operations
  • Assess patient treatment outcomes
  • Report relevant scientific information (and recommendations for implementation) to its clinical staff

What does the Root Center Research Initiative do?

The RRCI supports Root Center and the greater recovery community through participation in cutting edge scientific research projects lead by top universities and organizations, that can be used to not only continuously improve Root Center’s clinical services and programs but also to inform the field of mental health, addiction and recovery.

This research is designed and implemented by research scientists and collaborators at universities, research centers, and national health organizations and brought to Root Center through research project agreements after careful examination and needs determination.  Findings are reported in scientific journals and institutional reports throughout the year.

Through the collaborative efforts of the RCRI, universities, centers and NHO (National Health Organizations), we will be afforded advanced insight into data trends and empirical recommendations for ongoing program improvement and effectiveness, which will help Root Center clients receive cutting edge treatment gains that are above the curve.  

Why have a research initiative?

Data-Driven Decisions

In addition to access to advanced scientific reports, the results of the RCRI’s collaboratives efforts enables entities to evaluate and interpret program metrics to assist leadership with data-driven decisions.

Patient Outcomes

An important focus of many of our research efforts will include the collection, review, and analysis of patient outcomes.  Outcomes may cover a broad array of topics, including:

  • Continued care
  • Abstinence from alcohol and drugs
  • Medication compliance
  • Quality of life.

These outcomes are used to evaluate the effectiveness of Root Center programs and assess data patterns to see if certain programs or services benefit people in different ways.

It is our hope that through Root Center’s engagement in scientific research, we can contribute to advancements in the knowledge and integration of addiction treatment research into practice.

Previous Research Studies

Clinical Trials Network Studies

  • Suboxone (Buprenorphine / Naloxone) Taper: A Comparison of Taper Schedules
  • Walter Ling, MD, Lead Investigator, University of California Los Angeles
  • Data collection from 2003-2005

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  • Assessment of the National Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network: A Baseline for Investigating Diffusion of Innovation
  • Dennis McCarty, Ph.D., Lead Investigator, Oregon Health and Science University
  • Data collection 2001
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  • Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Men in Drug Abuse Treatment
  • Donald A. Calsyn, Ph.D., Lead Investigator, University of Washington
  • Data collection 2004-2005

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  • Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Women in Drug Abuse Treatment
  • Susan Tross, Ph.D., Lead Investigator, New York State Psychiatric Institute
  • Data collection 2004 – 2005
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  • Starting Treatment with Agonist Replacement Therapies (START)
  • Walter Ling, MD, Lead Investigator, UCLA
  • Data collection 2006-2010
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  • Long-Term Follow-Up of START Patients
  • Yih-Ing Hser, Ph.D. & Walter Ling, MD, Co-Lead Investigators, UCLA
  • Data collection
  • Data collection 2010-2016
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Are you interested in collaborating with Root Center on current or future research endeavors?

Active Research Studies – looking to enroll study participants

  1. Submit a completed RRAF and accompanied documents to 
  2. Our research review committee will review your submission
  3. You will be contacted within 7 days of review regarding approval status

Proposals and In-Development Studies – looking to collaborate with our center for future grant submissions

Contact our Research Coordinator at to discuss collaboration

Grant Opportunity

The Root Center is proud to announce our Advanced Recovery Institute Grant Opportunity. An Endowment grant will support research projects for one year with a maximum amount of $100,000 per award for the purpose of advancing treatment and recovery from opioid or other substance use and mental health disorders.