Quality Care at Your Doorstep

When it comes to your care, convenience is key. Root Center for Advanced Recovery offers a range of effective and engaging telehealth services that bring compassionate and responsive care right to your doorstep.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a method of delivering counseling services in which internet-based telecommunications technology is used to connect the client and therapist. Telehealth is very similar to a regular therapy appointment; you make your appointment with your counselor in advance, and connect with them to receive quality, evidence-based care. There are many benefits to telehealth, including convenience, accessibility, and flexibility. Telehealth removes barriers to care, like timing and transportation issues, and allows clients to get the care they need when they need it.

Studies show that telehealth can be as effective as in-person therapy in treating many mental health disorders. Your clinician will work with you to determine which modality of treatment will benefit you the most.

What to Expect

Typically telehealth is done through video conferencing at a set appointment time. Your practitioner will provide you a link to click at the time of your appointment, which will bring you to a technology platform that connects you to your therapist in real-time with video and audio (similar to FaceTime or Skype). Telehealth platforms used by Root Center are HIPAA-compliant, so your information will stay private and confidential. Telehealth may also be done via telephone, without the video conferencing aspect. This mode of telehealth may change in the future depending on state and federal approval. For the best experience, video and audio conferencing is typically recommended.

At the start of an individual telehealth psychotherapy appointment, your therapist will ensure good connection, confirm your geographic location, and explain any limitations of confidentiality. Your therapist will always conduct telehealth sessions in a secure, quiet, and confidential location. Clinicians are obligated to follow ethical and best practice standards, just like they would during face-to-face sessions.

The therapist may also work with you to develop a safety plan and a method for reconnecting in the event of a disconnection (i.e. loss of internet service). Your clinician will provide appropriate information about telehealth, and you will be invited to ask questions and given additional resources as needed. We are committed to providing you with a positive, engaging experience at all times.

The content of your telehealth session will depend on your individual goals, needs, and treatment plan. You may spend your sessions processing stressors, practicing skills, or discussing aspects of your care. At the end of your session, your counselor will complete a recap, discuss any work that will be helpful for you between sessions, and work with you to determine the next time you will meet for therapy.

Telehealth can be used for couples counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and intensive outpatient programming. Have questions about Root Center’s telehealth services? Call today to speak with our compassionate, supportive team.

Goals of Telehealth Therapy Services

Telehealth is designed to help support the health, recovery, and growth of each client, while increasing accessibility and removing barriers to care. The primary goals of telehealth services are to:

  • Increase accessibility to services and eliminate barriers to behavioral health care
  • Build self-acceptance and self-awareness
  • Reduce emotional distress 
  • Establish coping strategies to manage everyday challenges and stressors 
  • Build communication and interpersonal skills
  • Foster a better understanding of how your past has impacted you and how you can move through past difficulties to shape a brighter future 
  • Reduce harmful behaviors related to mental health and co-occurring disorders
  • Manage and reduce symptoms of mental health and co-occurring disorders 
  • Establish a plan for relapse prevention 
  • Build a natural social support system 
  • Improve balance and functioning in all areas of wellness 

Is Telehealth Right for Me?

Telehealth therapy services may be right for you if:

  • You want to improve some aspect of your life, including better managing your mood or energy levels or decreasing substance use. 
  • You find it difficult to come into the office for face-to-face appointments, whether due to transportation, childcare, or other issues.  
  • You have access to the internet and a phone, computer, or other device that will allow you to connect to your therapist. 

Payment Options

Root Center accepts all major health insurance plans, including Medicaid, Anthem, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Cigna. Because insurance coverage varies by plan, please call today to find out if your specific plan covers our services. A self-pay rate is also available.

Appropriateness for individual counseling can be determined through a clinical assessment at your first appointment with a mental health professional at Root Center.

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